Streamie is a realtime Twitter client that runs in your web browser.

We want you to enjoy reading your Twitter feed again!

We only display Tweet text and avatars – Zero Distractions.

We hate bloat as much as you do!

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Yes, this is beta software.
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Cutting Edge Web Technology

We take advantage of the latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. We encourage you to update to the newest (even beta) versions of your favorite web browser to use streamie. If you cannot do that, streamie is not for you, if you can, the experience will be great.


Streamie was designed with extreme "hackability" in mind and it is fully open source. If you are a programmer you can make your own version of streamie. The cool thing is: You do not have to run your own server so you can concentrate on actually building the features you want. The infrastructure is handled by us. Learn how to make your own version of streamie.


While Streamie does work quite well, it is still beta level software. If you're experiencing problems, please report them.


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